Gao Zhisheng: Some Beijing Police Have Completely Lost Their Sense of Humanity (Feb 24, 2006)

These days, it seems that certain leaders of the Beijing Public Security Bureau would not balk at cutting my family’s throats, if they only had the right tools and techniques.

These Chinese communist officials damage our very concept of human nature. It is not only a tragedy for us citizens who are deprived of our rights, it is a also a tragedy for the bureaucratic officials at the end of this totalitarian system.

Several days ago, more than a dozen uniformed officials from Beijing’s Public Security Bureau took the female manager of a barbershop where my nephew works to the police station. They interrogated her for nearly 20 hours, in an obscene attempt to conjure up a scandal between her and me. The next day, the Beijing Public Security Bureau kidnapped my assistant lawyer Wen Haibo, who has never broken any laws. After being illegally imprisoned for a day, officials from the Beijing Public Security along with local thugs put Wen Haibo under a 24-hour house arrest. They told him that if he did not stop working for me, Gao Zhisheng, he would be under house arrest for the rest of his life.

The day before attorney Wen Haibo was arrested, policemen from the Beijing Public Security Bureau and local thugs broke into my office for the first time. They kidnapped volunteer Ouyang Xiaorong, who had worked for me for only 24 hours. Ouyang is a father of a family, and it has been five days since he was kidnapped. His whereabouts are still unknown. My wife and I are worried about his safety, and we are afraid of another tragedy similar to what happened to Sun Zhigang [1] . What unjust and inhumane act would the Chinese police not commit?

The Beijing Public Security Bureau never feels any shame for their actions! I just received news from Linxi County in Hebei Province that villager Chen Guangdong has been under arrest for eight days. His father, Chen Gengquan, attempted to bring him a jacket, but the jail guard did not allow him to see his son. Another villager, Chen Gengjiang was kidnapped by the police and has been missing for four days. The Beijing government and the government of Shandong Province have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to these evil crimes, allowing criminals to do as they please under the protection of the political system.

On Feb. 15, Mr. Wendu Ma, who had only volunteered at my office for several days, was put in jail for 48 hours. Since then he has been under house arrest. On the same day, the police disconnected my cell phone, telephone, fax and internet. On an average day, I might not be able to connect most of the time. Every day, about one hundred policemen, secret police and thugs wander around my home and my office simply to keep people from helping me type my documents. This gang of policemen has become a brainless tool for venting the hatred of the Chinese communist regime. They obey any order as long as it is directed towards me, and none of them consider the legal or moral implications. One day, a Beijing citizen came to inquire about the legal issues of renting a house. Afterwards, the secret police followed him home and broke into his house the next day to verify if his family had registered their residence.

These government officials have degenerated to the extent that they no longer have any sense of honor or concern for how others see them. Today, Beijing citizen Zhang Wanhe wanted to visit me, but he was blocked by a gang of expressionless secret police. Secret policemen and their thugs continue to create tension and terror around my home. The only thing left is for them is to figure out how to cut my family’s throats, and I suspect certain people are even trying to figure this out!

Gao Zhisheng, February 20, 2006

(Source: “Gao Zhisheng: Some Beijing Police Have Completely Lost Their Sense of Humanity“,, February 24, 2006)

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